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KHS Seniors to Get Honorable Discharges

   The following ten top seniors were chosen on the basis of a point system based on activities and service during their senior year.
   Blonde hair, blue eyes, and full of vitality is Nina Hull.  You can always find Nina working hard as president of Diana's, Girl's State Representative, D.A.R., Songleader, C.S.F., Annual Staff, Majorette, Horizon Club, R.O.T.C. Queen, Beau Monde, Junior Council, Hi-Debber Board, and K.D.K.
   A sparkling personality and always willing to give her services is Gloria Grow. Among her services to our school are Senior Horizon President, Sophomore and Jr. Horizon Clubs, Student Government, 10th grade representative on K.D.K., Girls' League President, Pep Club, Drama Club, Y-Teens, Bi- Chem Phy, Drill Team, G. A.A., Sophomore Council, Coordinating Council, Sr. Commencement Committee, 1-11-Debber Council and Hi-Debber Board. 
   A character always willing to offer his energy. is Fred Schwend. Fred took part in Ranas, football and track, drama class, A.S.B. Council, Commissioner of Boys' Athletics, and senior class president.
    Thelma Lawson's sparkle and enthusiasm were her formula for being a top senior. She played a part in Beau Monde, Dianas, cheerleader, Y.M.L.C., Co-ordinating Council, Sr. Class Secretary, A. S. B. Council, Y- Teens, Latin Club, Kearny Kadettes, and Majorettes. 
   Well known for his ambition and ability to finish every job is Jerry Sherken- back. Some of the activities that Jerry has participated in are Ranas, baseball, football, C.S.F., HI-Y, and track. 
Glamour, poise and interest in her fellow students spell Margaret Folsey. Among her activities are secretary of Dianas, Majorettes, Beau Monde, C.S.F., annual staff, vice-president Girls' League, drama club, Hi-Deb- her Board of Directors, Senior Council, Flagtwirier, Jr. Council and Jr. Coke Committee. 
   A born leader and always ready with a smile is popular Jo Ann Mauss. Some of her activities include Colonel of Drill Team and Drum Corps, Editor-in- Chief of Komet, Dianas, Beau Monde, drama class, C.S.F., Hi-Debber Board of Directors, Sr. Breakfast Committee, and Jr. Coke Committee. 
   A boy who is most likely to succeed is the A.S.B. President Charlie Hanson. Some of his many activities are Jr. Coke Committee Chairman, De Molay, Senior-Faculty basketball game, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, and Jr. Co-ordinating Council.
   Shirley Jason has a friendly smile for everyone. Some of her activities are Dianas, Secretary of Girls' League, Beau Monde, Managing Editor of KHS News, Horizon Club, Drum Corps Sgt., Sr. Breakfast Committee, Commencement Committee, Y-Teens, Jr. Council. 
   Truly an asset to Kearny in the senior class is Bob Russell who participated in basketball, baseball, track, and football.  His other activies include, Ranas, choir, 10th grade president, and senior play.

KHS News
Published by the Journalism Class of Kearny High School
Vol.12                                 San Diego, California, June 16, 1953                                No. 14

1953 CLASS

Commencement exercises will be held tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 17, at 8:00 P.M. at the Balboa Bowl in Balboa Park.
   The exercises will begin with a one-half hour musical prelude given by the Kearny High School Band and Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Kaupp. 
  Then will come the processional. Invocation will be given, followed by t he Pledge of Allegiance, led by the Class President Fred Schwend. 
   Next will come a piano solo by Neil Reasoner, and a trumpet solo by Keith Bishop. The commencement speeches will be on "In Ourselves Our Future Lies." The speakers will be Mary Doren and Elissa Alter. 
   The presentation of the class will be given by our principal, Lawrence W. Carr, followed by the response given by Dr. Will C. Crawford, Superintendent of Schools. The authorization will be given by Robert C., Dent, Board of Education member. 
   As Mrs. Karen M. Wiseman, senior counselor, reads the names, Mr. Carr will present the seniors with their diplomas. The Senior Class will lead the singing of the Alma Mater. After the benediction by Paul Creeseman, Chaplain of the U. S. Navy, will come the recessional by the band. 


  To the class of 1953:
  To those of you who have chosen a great life purpose or aim, may I suggest you bend your best energies to it. Guard yourself against influences that tend to divert you. Make that great purpose the definite aim of your daily life. Be enthusiastic about it. Your thought and time will be solicited b y many influences and you should take special means to p r o t e c t yourself against them. Substitute doing for dreaming, and achievement  for wishing.    And to those who have not chosen that great purpose, do not be discouraged. Many of the persons whom you now count as successes in life have made many changes in their lives before finding their proper niche. 
   To all of you go my very best wishes for a successful, but happy future. The world is yours-make it a better place for your having lived here. 

Mrs. Dean Hottell, President Kearny P.T.A. for 1952-53.


   At a recent CASC meeting, two Kearny students were elected to district offices.  Danny Schaffer was elected president and Don Bennett was elected vice president.  The purpose of the organization is to try to solve school problems, especially those in the San Diego area.





   Wanda Morrison, class of 1954, has been chosen Editor-inChief of the KHS News for 1953-54 school year.
   Wanda, a junior now, has attended Kearny since the 7th grade. During her junior year she has participated in the Dardanellas, Horizon Club and Girls' Glee Club.  She has also taken a year of Journalism and has been an outstanding reporter.
   Mrs. Dresser, a faculty member who has been advisor of the Scribblers' Frolic, will be the advisor of the KHS News next year.



   Pictured above are A.S.B. officers who guided the student body during the past year:  Charles Hanson, A.S.B. President; Roma Sullivan, Vice President; Carole Hylton, Commissioner of Finance; Peggy Walchel, Commissioner of Cultural Affairs; Gloria Grow, Girl's League President; Janet Hines, Commissioner of Organizations; Bob Meals, Commissioner of Boy's Activities.


   Kearny's Fourth Annual ASB Banquet was held Friday, May 29, in the Jubilee Room at the San Diego Club.
A delicious dinner was enjoyed by everyone. After the dinner Charlie Hanson, ASB President, extended a welcome to every e and introduced the special guests who were: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yates, Miss Delight Smith, Mr. McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood. 
   After these introductions Charles called upon each club representative to announce its sponsor and to present the incoming officers. 
   Mr. Carr, Senior High Principal, made a presentation of a gavel to the ASB President, who in turn presented the gavel to Louis Repaci, incoming President for next year. Mr. Davis, Junior High Principal, . made the presentation of a gavel to Homer Blankenship, Junior High ASB President
.  ______________________


   In the recent Junior High ASB elections the following officers were elected to run next year's affairs: President, Jerry Stryker;  Vice President, Susan McDonald; Commissioner of Finance, Barbara Gaughen; Commissioner of Girls' Activities, Malyndia Ragsdale; Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, Linda Fincher; Commissioner of Boys' Activities, Buddy Jenkins; Commissioner of Organizations, Tom Talco; Commissioner of School Welfare, Robert Schumaker; Commissioner of Publications, Mark Clark.





   On Wednesday morning, June 10, the seniors were feted at a very nice breakfast followed by some very fine entertainment.  followed by some very fine entertainment. A number of students received plaques for earning 11 or more A's since the 10th Grade. The trophy for the outstanding senior boy was given to Fred Schwend. An alumnus of 1949, Jack Grayson, sang a number of very nice songs. Ruth Lucas also sang and Carol Jett did a tap number. The choir sang a program of four numbers and the breakfast was ended by the class standing and singing the Alma Mater. 

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