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Photos below taken after the Linda Vista Plaza was closed.
Photos courtesy of Patrick McLeod.  San Diego T.V.  Linda Vista Plaza 1959-1970)

Hope Cornell-Branson

This will go in our memory book. Jerry and I didn't know each then of course . I was 6 and he was 10 but both of our families took us to the dedication and we were proud to see  Eleanor Roosevelt dedicate OUR shopping center...we were told it was the FIRST one.

So many years we spent shopping at the Linda Vista Department Store which later became Walker Scott  Department Store.We bought our shoes at  Karl's Shoe Store. They loved to see us come in because my daddy took all 5 kids at one time to buy our new school and Easter shoes. That was all we bought during the year. How about the bread at the Bakery. Nancy Sharp  Bates and I would go to the bakery to buy hot bread for my mother and on the way home couldn't resist the warmth of the bag and the delicious aroma....Well you guessed it we ate much of it before we got home. I still remember the "look" from mama. When the Safeway and Movie Theater and Pool Hall next to it went in what a celebration that was. No more going downtown San Diego to buy groceries and we did NOT have a car. Daddy made several  trips on the bus most of the time to bring our groceries home. He carried a box up on each shoulder and had bags tucked in  the crook of his arms and with his hands holding the boxes he held a bag or 2 in each hand. Poor guy was small ( 5 ft 7 in and weighed 127 lbs. )but he sure never complained. Took a few times to get it all off of the bus but then he would go back for another load.The neighbor boys were alerted to his trip and were always waiting at the bus stop with their wagons to haul it home . I must say Daddy "tipped" them quite well. We lived on Langmuir St at the bottom of Comstock so they had a fairly long haul from the bus stop on Linda Vista Rd but in those days we were used to walking.

Helen Likins-Bullock

Gosh, I have so many great memories of the Shopping Center (all good). 

It was an integral part of our lives growing up. So many important events took place there. My long term memory is great but my short term is not. I can walk into the bedroom to get something and then can't remember why I went in there. Anyone else have the same problem?

I worked at the Linda Theater as the candy/popcorn girl making popcorn that bubbled out of the kettle fresh and hot. Of course, I gave my friends FREE refills. I remember every summer how we all looked forward to the carnival coming and setting up in the vacant lot and all of the fun rides and games. The Tilt- A- Whirl was my favorite. Oh how I wish I had some of that carnival glass that we tossed pennies on. It is quite valuable now.

We always stopped at Thrifty's after school to get a coke. I always ordered a chocolate coke. Remember when the candy store would charge $1.00 for a bag of candy in order to get 1 piece of Bubble Gum? Everyone would call each other to let them know when they got new 

Levi's in at the Department Store, as they were scarce in those days.  

The Department Store later became Walker Scott and we all saved our Green Stamps. All of our basketball game were held at the Recreation Center Gym and who can forget the Hub Bub Club.

My brother Bill and I attended Kit Carson Yeah. We had 1 hour for lunch as many children went home for lunch. We would take the money our mother gave us for school lunch, run through the Olive Grove to the Delicatessen and order a Hamburger and Grapett. Then we would run back to Kit Carson in time for class. No wonder I was skinny in Elementary School. As kids we would mow lawns with our push lawn mower and hand clippers. 25 cents for the front and 25 cents for the back and hand edged all of the way around. Remember, we had large lawns in Linda Vista. We too delivered groceries from the Safeway when it was first built. (We had no bus service yet) As women would walk out the door we would say. "Deliver your Groceries for a quarter Mamm. We walked to both ends of Linda Vista and back and were thrilled to get the work. They added the Bank of America and an Appliance/TV shop to the South End of the Dept. Store.

Before the Safeway and Shopping Center were built, we had to go up 6th street extension (now 163) to Hillcrest to buy groceries at The Piggily Wiggily.

We were so lucky that we grew up in such a wonderful era. I wish my grandkids had what we had. Everyone was safe and just clean innocent fun.

 Elsie Danuser-Kimpton

The Linda Vista Theater was such a special place -- where many of us had our first dates -- And, the dances at the Gym -- Oh, my.  I can still hear the Billy Eckstein music!!

We all surely have memories of the Linda Vista Plaza. I'd hate to pick a favorite store, since I was in all of them often, but I guess I loved most, the cherry cokes at the bakery fountain and the dime store. How incredible to see that drawing and the aerial view! Sure brought back wonderful memories

Bill Hudson

Brings back memories I worked at Thrifty's as a bus boy along with Gary Ryan for awhile.

Roy Brewton

  When I was 10 or 11 years old I earned money with a radio flyer wagon hauling groceries from the Linda Vista grocery store to the homes of those on foot, the pay was in cents 25, 30, or 50.  The 50 cent pay was for those that lived out as far north as Homewood Drive, that seemed miles away.  In fact I remember eating their bananas and stealing their cigarettes, an atonement I have yet to make.  My father took the money I made and saved it (which I didn't Know) it pissed me off beyond words.  I was to understand later the loving thing he did for his only boy.

Like you when I was 15 years old  I got a work permit and went to work for Harold and Gracie Samuels at Karls shoe store. I put on a tie that I was to wear until I was 65 years old.  I will never be able to express the love I felt  for these two people.

After we moved to East San Diego and I like  Elsie transferred to Hoover High School and I continued to work at Karls.  Hitch hiking back of Hoover to Texas Street down the valley and up the hill to Linda Vista.  It seemed like the this was the natural progression of life and it never occurred to me that this was a difficult time.,

My blessed father took the money he was saving for me and 1952 sold me the 1950 Chevrolet I loved so much.

I continued to work for Harold and Gracie until fall of 1953 when at San Diego JC went to work for Jordan Marsh at 6th and C streets downtown.  Which proved to be the beginning of my career in the menswear business.

Stan Elmore

I also had my first real job at the Linda Vista Plaza.  I worked at the L.V. Dept. Store.  I started in the stock room and later worked as a salesman in the hardware dept., men's ware and sold shoes.  During my senior year, I can't remember the month, but I also went to work for the Linda Mart in the produce section.  I worked mostly at the store on the plaza but filled in at the other three stores.  I quit when I went into the army in Sept. 1953.  After I got out of the army and was working at Convair, before I became a policeman, I went back to the L.V. Plaza and worked part time in the shoe dept., selling shoes at the L.V. Dept Store.  I continued selling shoes part time the first few years that I was on the P.D.  In those days policemen were not permitted to work at outside jobs, so I was always on the lookout for someone from the P.D. while selling shoes.  Your email reminded me of all the good time I had at the L.V . Plaza.  Thanks for the memories. 

Lanny Ross

Takes me way back to shining shoes in front of Thrifty in 1944 or ??

Don LeCompte

The aerial sure brought back memories of the Community Center and all the events we used to have there.  Dances, Basketball, Pool, etc.

Thelma Lawson-Eggert

We were blessed to be a part of that. Lots of fun times. I also worked at the Linda Vista Department Store as did my Mother.

I was planning to bring the article to our July Luncheon.

Marguerite Winter-McCue


Jerry Dawson

Diagonally across the street was the drive in, along the left edge of the picture was Kearny, and in the upper left of the picture is the old ball field where a good many of us played and the Eggerts and McMins along with Ollie were famous.

Don Callard

I too worked at the Linda Vista Department Store in the major appliance and TV department as a general flunkie uncrating appliances and helping deliver them to costomers.  I got the job after Fred Schwend left the job so he could play football, and didn't have time for work.  I made an astounding $.75 per hour, and worked 2 hours after school and 4 hours on Saturdays.


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