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I Remember When

Following are classmates who have sent us some of there memories of years gone by.  We can not vouch for the accuracy of these memories from 40 plus years ago, since some of us can't even remember who stared in the movie we saw last week.  Nonetheless....enjoy.  See what your classmates said about you or your friends.  Click here to send us your own memories. 

Several of our classmates have sent in 'bits & pieces' from the past that tend to bring you back in time.  This stuff isn't about our specific experiences at Kearny, but I'm sure we can all relate to here to read it.

Don Callard

  I remember the "senior" patio lunch area.
  Jumping into the lake at Camp Marston on ditch day.
  Being with Tom Holtz in his dads car and getting two traffic tickets in one night.
  The Friday test in Fierro's class when he put on his sun glasses so we couldn't see where he was looking, and the whole class put them on too.
  The LV drive-in, and the hub-bub club.
  Wearing DA's in our hair.
  Not washing our Levi's.
  Getting locked out on the fire escape at the prom.

Shirley Cole

  I began Chesterton in the second grade...a real Linda Vista native!
  Walking every day for six years from the east end of Linda Vista to Kearny High....who ever heard of busing.
  Going to the Football and basketball games...what a fun time we had.
  Pat Davee and I were in the Pom Pon Corps our senior year....only because we were seniors I am sure.
  Lunch-time with friends
  Being a teachers assistant, etc, etc.

Jan Cooper

  I remember when we had dances in the cafeteria
  The baseball, football and basketball games when Jackie, Annetta and Thelma kept us going with cheers.
  The Beau Monde' outings where we barely made it without getting into trouble.
  My wonderful recollections of Mr. Fierro and Mr. Weisbrod, and my hilarious times with Ms. Speck and Ms. Jennings.
  I have so many remembrances of Ms. Jennings. I think it was Kirby who I recall in the classroom, and a few other guys climbing out the window, her slip falling to the floor while she was writing on the chalk board, etc. Very funny. However, I read her bio a couple of years ago and my goodness she led a very interesting life. I can't remember all the travels that she did prior to becoming a teacher and not sure how to find that article again.

Hope Cornell

  The Linda Vista department store was built and dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt
  When Linda Vista got their first grocery store and movie theater
  I remember the drive in where you could get the best cherry cokes and the novelty store where we bought candy and soda pop like Bubble Up, Grapette and Nesbitts orange.
  The Army Camp that was on the corner of Comstock and Kelly St and the soldiers marching down our street . The air raid sirens.
  The blackouts we had and the dark blinds if we faced the ocean and the blimps that were heavy in the air to prevent enemy aircraft from entering our city.
  I remember that our fathers and many mothers worked in the aircraft industry
  We were all in the same boat, very few cars and not much money
  I remember the Victory gardens. Ours fed most of our neighborhood.
  I remember the Football Carnivals at Balboa Stadium. Many were so foggy we couldn't see the players.
  Going to the basketball games in the gymnasium on Linda Vista Rd
  Going to the beach on the bus. Riding the bus to the Gate 4 of the Marine Base and walking through the underpass and catching another bus to Mission Beach. Nothing to fear then.
  I remember the great times we had at our church just being together. Our trips to Cuyamaca and Laguna's and the snow. Riding our church bus to Saturday Youth for Christ and sitting in the balcony. Going to our pastors cabin in Harbinson Canyon and hiking the mountain nearby. The beach parties and our Sweetheart Banquets. Wonderful friends and wonderful times.
  I remember the first time I saw Jerry who has been my best friend and husband for over 49 years. I was 13 and he was 17 when we first met . From the mountain top on Palomar and he from a farm in Missouri to the mountain top experiences we have had . It has been a wonderful life and we aren't through yet.

Elsie Danuser

  Although I graduated with Hoover High's Class of '53, I spent more years at Kearny. Having been with Kearny's Class of '53 since 7th grade, I remember how horribly sad it was to move and leave my classmates (and a couple of special guys) in the middle of the 10th grade, in 1951. My world seemed to come to an end.
  For a good while after, I hung onto several of those Kearny friends, even to the point of one, Elnora "Norie" Kennedy, being in my 1953 wedding (to a Hoover classmate/lasted 17 years).
  I remember the fun of being part of early social clubs, like the Kearny Kadettes and the Junior Sportsmen, with the likes of Jackie Brewer, Sylvia Chavez, Mercie Gonzales, Annetta Tweed, Kitty Power, etc.
  I can't forget also my being elected earlier as Class Secretary of the 8th grade and serving alongside President, Fred Schwend, Vice-Pres., Terry Lee, and Treasurer, Foy Sylvester. I don't believe we understood much about what being class officers involved, but I recall my organizing an 8th grade assembly which showcased our class of '53 talent, and how rewarding it was to have it actually turn out great.
  I remember also those "neat" school dances in the cafeteria and the ones at the Linda Vista Community Center (dancing to dreamy Billy Eckstein music, etc.), plus special "date" dances down at the Mission Beach Ballroom.
  I recall the bus ride from where I lived in Mission Valley and how, ever so often, I would walk home with friends, and after getting to Norie Kennedy or Nancy Lemon's houses in the lower-most section of Linda Vista, I'd walk the rest of the way alone down to the valley. It was safe in those days to do such things!
  Riding the bus home from Kearny was okay too, especially if cute Bob Tullock was aboard. He got off at the same bus stop as I, but he never paid me any mind.
  I have fond memories of specific friendships, especially with Norie Kennedy, Pat Davee and Nancy Lemon (sure wish I knew what happened to Nancy). I will never forget also the Kearny kids and activities of the Captain's Kids Club (church group), with Pat Davee, None Kennedy, Pat Burris, Carolyn Bone, Shirley Cole, Richard Anderson, Stanley Thomas, Don Branson, JoAnn Pocta, and many more. That association, especially, left a life-long impression on me.
  In 1983, I remember the surprise of discovering Pat Burris Ford clerking at my Bostonia Branch Post Office (El Cajon). Until her retirement, I always made a point to go to her window. Through her, I learned about and got to attend Kearny's 30th reunion picnic held in 1983 at the Old Town baseball field.
  Later, in 1984, I remember Pat Burris leading me into another wonderful reunion matter, a church-related anniversary involving Carolyn Bone (and her incredible parents), Pat Davee, and other old Kearny friends who I'd not seen since 1953.
  The 1983 picnic was not my first Kearny reunion. I also remember the excitement of Kearny's 25th reunion in 1978, held at the Town & Country Hotel. What memories!  Aside from those two fun reunions, I've surely missed several, but thanks again to Pat Burris Ford, I expect to be at the big "50th."

Jerry Dawson

  Lunch in the quad was a big deal
Mr. Fierro brought in pictures of Arabs with hands severed for stealing.
  Bob Meals and I delivered the ice cream to the old Hollywood Burlesque Theatre, and the owner would invite us in provided we didn't sit in the first row. The comics got to know us. When one of them told the joke about virgin wool coming from sheep that could run faster than the sheep herder, we were the only ones who laughed. The comic turned to the audience and said, " At least those two sheep herders from Linda Vista got it." Then everyone laughed.

Clara Jo Ham

   I remember Don Reirson, Paul Gomez, Fred Schwend, Billy Likins, Pete Jungers, Cisco, Joe McNamara, Jim Dougherty, Kirby Wood, etc., etc.................well, I was that age then!!!

Charles Hanson

  We sang the KHS Fight Song at the football games....It goes like this, I think. "KHS, our KHS we'll always love you best. Through all the years of smiles and cheers you've always stood the test. KHS our KHS we'll laugh, we'll cry , we'll ....?....La da de da and da de da... our Alma Mater Dear!!! (Well, almost...)
 When my brother Bob and I "crashed" the Louie Repaci's class reunion in 1994 (their 40th?) to say hello to many we knew from the class of 1954.

Ollie Harris

   My most memorable time was becoming a varsity baseball player in the ninth grade.
The Ranas was really great!
   The summer of 1952 when me and Kirby Wood hitchhiked to Oklahoma and St. Louis and back again to San Diego. We were gone one month.

Jay Hudson

  Forrest was here in Utah in the mid 80s and stopped by for a visit. Sitting around and talking about the years, we came to the conclusion that it was darn near impossible to get into your 50s and not have been beat up emotionally, physically or financially.
  Bill Young came back from a summer of being a Fire Lookout on a mountain in Oregon and he had taught himself to play the guitar.
  Elissa Alter could get us all laughing simply by laughing herself.
  Gary Isenmann, Chuck Hanson and Jerry Dawson and I rented a plane and ditched school while Gary flew us around. When I walked into Mr. Fierro's class late he was facing the blackboard and without turning around, he stated " how was the plane ride ? How did he know?
  Dick Curry, Chuck Hanson, Jerry Keating and I sang in a quartet.
  Joel Halbert was still playing basketball in his late forties and took a bike ride from S.D. to L.A. During the Christmas holidays, Joel and Judy (Johnson) used to paint the windows of the businesses in Ocean Beach for fun and profit.
  Bill Hudson and I passed a bottle between us every time the row in front of us stood up during graduation.
  I roomed with Bonnie Green's older brother when I returned from Korea. Bonnie was in the Navy and had risen to Lt. Commander (I think)
  I visited Gary Isenmann when he flew President Nixon to the western Whitehouse. He let me sit in the Presidents chair aboard the helicopter. Strange feeling !!
  I had to depend on Alfred McLeods good nature to help me through Physics.
  Bob Meals told us he was a stand up comic in the L.A. area after graduation.
  Helen Likens father smuggled in irrigation equipment to Mexico so that his Mexican partners could grow tomatoes and ship them to Canada
  Richard Moore and I would cheer the Football team while I wore my knee cast from surgery as a result of a flag football game.
  Stan Mosher and I duked it out on the 50' rifle range and years later I sat around with him in Carson City drinking beer. He was a highway engineer with the Nevada road department. Hey Stan, I almost made the U.S. Olympic team in Australia !
  Neil Reasoner told us in Chemistry class that he had been accepted to Chicago University
  Carol Newlin got caught in a rip tide and Forrest and I rescued her. She married him.
  Jerry Sherkenback used to visit me at the hospital and we would talk about his position as sales rep for a X-ray film and equipment company.
  Felix Sneed sold my mother-in-laws house for her and we used to meet for coffee and donuts.
  I hired Gordon Stolzoff to work the Emergency room at Hillside and Heartland hospitals and he told me he was going to go into Psychiatry. I visited him during his residency and life was beating up on him. I really liked Gordon.
  Every time I worked with Judy Secord, I came away with admiration for her skills and charm.
  My mother's family was a MacLeod from the islands of Scotland and when Annetta Tweed and Ollie Harris got together how cool the Harris/Tweed name sounded.
  Jane Wilson and her husband bought a home on the golf course in La Jolla and had a wonderful house warming.
  We could go up to the tool check out shack and get a push lawn mower to mow the little grass that grew on the hard pan around our duplexes that were held together with double headed nails.
  We were taking English class in the temp buildings and because the teacher was sick most of the time and the sub wasn't interested in us, we played BATTLESHIP. Dick Curry and I got rather good at it.
  We used to play basketball in the giant Quonset hut gym that later became a grocery store. Larry Griffin (54) got stabbed in a game by a fellow who was over from Logan heights.
  We played La Jolla in football and an incident provoked a general brawl that the police had to break up.
  You could count on one hand the number of cars driven to school by students..

Ernie Labastida

  As an aspiring chemistry student in Mr. Stipple's class, I learned to make black powder (not from Mr. Stipple) and put together a small quantity of it in a pan and applied a Bunsen burner to it. It made a spectacular whoosh, blinding light and a miniature A-bomb cloud which filled the classroom with acrid sulfur fumes.  The girl across my bench screeched load enough to stop traffic on Linda Vista Road and I got a "Case Card".  
  Mr. Kurtz was our metal shop teacher.  I was on of his better students and impressed him once with a cylinder that I had done on the Southbend lathe.  He was most impressed with the chrome-like finish that was produced and was even more surprised when I told him that, no, I had not polished it with an abrasive cloth but had produced the finish with the tool bit alone.  Later I completed this project -- a 32 cal. barrel with a screw-on breach activated by holding it in one hand and striking the firing pin with a hammer with the other hand.  Mr. Kurtz never saw the finished cannon.  My four year younger brother, Rudy, got into my bedroom (some month later) while I was out on my paper route on day, picked it up off my dresser where I kept it ever-ready and loaded, struck it with a hammer (also nearby), discharging it and put a bullet hole right through my bedroom door.  Boy, did I catch hell from mom when I got Home.  Mr. Kurtz never heard about that either.  Poor boys could not afford to buy guns in those days, we had to make our own.

Thelma Lawson

   I remember all the fun cheerleading and going to the Linda Vista Drive Inn after the games. 
  The school dances and Beau Monde parties, where we danced the whole night (Rock and Roll).
  Going to the beach in the summer.  La Jolla Shores seemed so far away.  My little "Willy's" barely made it there.
  Bonnie and I would meet the girls there (Annetta, Helen, Clara Jo, Joanne, Janet & Ferrell, and whoever else could get there).  We thought we were hot stuff.

Forrest Letzring

  Linda Vista beginning, living in cracker boxes on the West end and attending the 6 grade at Kit Carson Elementary.
  The long walk up Linda Vista Road and passing the Community Center on the way to school.
  Entering the 7th grade I wasn't sure what was meant by the word "pea green" until I was "panced" by a upper class initiation group.
  Pioneer Day was fun ,especially dressing in a Hill Billy costume and watching the big leather ball being pushed up and down the football field by juniors and seniors with their shirts off.  I'm sure that Art Harris, Ollie's brother was right in the middle of everything.
  Playing sand lot baseball with Bud Clark's dad coaching.
  Running in track events during the summer vacation and basketball at the Linda Vista Community Center.
  Going to LaJolla Cove in Don Younger's brother's 1937 convertible touring car with solid wheels to swim, and of course watch those Bishop Girl School babes.
  The dances in the cafeteria in those days were interesting times . In the beginning years at Kearny we were all a little bashful and usually the girls gathered together across the room waiting for an invite to dance.  One afternoon Mrs. Hutchison, our chaperon, decided that everyone was going to dance before the afternoon ended.  She had all the boys on one side and the girls on the other face the wall.  When the music started all were suppose to back up and if you ran into someone turn around and dance.  It work because I'm still dancing to the 50's music.
  Oh those football carnival nights, running down the steps of Balboa Stadium in football uniforms when it was the time for our 15 minutes of fame.  Losing was usual the score but the lights, the crowd, the pageantry and the following Monday at school are memories that have not gone away.  We all felt like BMOC's (big men on campus) in what ever sport/organization we were in.
  Then, those parties at someone's house usually on Saturday nights.  One party of long ago came back to me at Betty Chambers/Breen's daughter wedding as their the photographer.  Betty's mom said she remembered my name because when midnight came it meant the party was over and of course when your having a good time you don't want it to end.  She had to turn the lights off at the house circuit box because no one would leave, we did because it was dark and the parents threaten to call San Diego's finest.
  The 2 years on the annual staff as sports editor proved to be the beginning of my avocation, that included illustrating for two divisions of General Dynamics and retiring as a corporate photographer, plus 38 years as owner of a photography studio in Ramona and producing documentary programs for Cox Cable in San Diego.
  Back to the 53 Prom night in the San Diego Hotel.  We hired a hypnotist for entertainment and as he did his performance someone noticed that Silvia Chavez was sitting at a table in a trance.  Because I had made the arrangements for the hypnotist, guess who helped bring Silvia back to the party?
  Graduation night at the Ford Bowl with the airliners landing at Lindbergh Field is one memory we all want to remember as one of THOSE high school days coming to an end.
  I had a great time during those growing up years in Linda Vista going to Kearny and I hope we all had good times

Sam Mankins

  Clara Jo, Margaret, and Jo Ann lived on my paper route. That was like seeing Three Miss Americas from time to time.
  Since I played in the band for five years I remember the incredible talent of Keith Bishop on trumpet, and the unbeatable Allen Wrenn on drums.
  The band cheered wildly at every football game, which we usually lost, and all of us delighted in watching Nina, Annetta and the other song leaders do that marvelous dance step with pom-poms.
  Since I lived two houses from Jane Wilson in the fourth grade I was always proud of her flag twirling at Kearny, and later at San Diego State.
  Remember Soloman's no-look basketball passes that Magic Johnson stole, and Bob Meal's friendly smile.
  I used to tease almost everyone, and then run and hide behind Felix. One look at him by whoever was chasing me and I was safe.

Steve McMillan

  The benefits/pitfalls of a Jr/Sr high school......the benefits far exceed the pitfalls.
  Mrs. Wiseman and Mr. Fierro
  The exceptional class of '53

Annetta Tweed

  Song leading at the football and basketball games was so much fun.
  The Beau Monde meetings were great and so were the guys in the Ranas!
  The dances in the cafeteria were fun too especially if the right guy asked you to dance, right? 
  Mr Fierro's history class was great.

Virginia Vogt

  I was in the Drum Corps and our trips on the bus to and from games, how noisy and foolish we were.
  Joyce Townsend, Jane Wilson and I were a close threesome.


Lou Whitney

  I vividly remember the crazy initiation to the Latin Club.  We were blindfolded and told to walk through the ancient chambers, which consisted of burning sulfur, walking through cooked pasta, and eating peeled grapes that were supposed to be eyeballs (I think they were peeled grapes).  What imaginations we had.  Click here to see some photo's of the Latin Club...circa '51
  You could take a date to the Linda Theater and see two full feature movies, a newsreel, a cartoon, and the weekly Zorro serial, and all for less than a dollar.  The popcorn and soda was more than the movie though, even then.
  I worked at the Linda Mart after school...what a neat job.  I started at $1 an hour and worked my way up to$1.50.  What did I do with all that money?
  I remember the great Chocolate Malts that Joan Coleman used to make at the Bakery/Restaurant in the Linda Vista Plaza.  And who could forget Thrifty's.
  Judy Secord lived near me by the old Army Camp, which is where Kearny High is now.  We lived in the real cracker boxes, but they were only $28 a month for a 3 bedroom house...what more could you want.
I remember Howard Davis's Triumph motorcycle.
  I had a blast at the winter outing in the Cuyamaca Mountains with some of our classmates.  Mr. Wemple planned some neat field trips.   Click here to see a photo of this outing. 
  I'd opt for a hamburger, french fries, and an apple square at the outside snack bar, instead of eating the special of the day in the cafeteria.  School food is one thing that has not changed over the years.
  We'd get wild in the ROTC rifle range and shot at everything but the target.  Man, we were so dumb, but we did have fun!! 
  I was assigned to a Home Economics class because they had my first name as "Louise", instead of Louis.  It worked out great though, because I was reassigned to Mr. Fierro's class, who was the neatest teacher.  It's too bad that he was killed in an unfortunate accident.
  The great stories that Miss Trenfel would tell us about her experiences during WW II.  She was one great lady, and I even learn a little German in her class.
  We made stink bombs in Mr. Weisbrod's chemistry class and they almost had to evacuate the school when our little experiment got out of hand.  
  Steve Munger popped me in the nose out in front of the boys gym, but I can't for the life of me remember why. We became buddies after that.  It's unfortunate that Steve is no longer with us.
  We wore those plaid stroker caps and string bow ties in the Pep Band,  and we thought we looked snazzy.
  I was drafted into the Army in '58 (just after Elvis), and guess who I ran in to at Ft Ord....none other than Charlie Hanson.  We ended up rooming together with three other guys in a house in Pacific Grove, which is a dry town.  You can bet our place wasn't
  When Charlie Hanson came to our wedding.  We had the reception at Little Bavaria and Charlie ended up breaking my wife's toe dancing the polka.  Of course, neither my wife or Charlie were feeling any pain at the time.  

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